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Get the highest quality auto care for all types of vehicles. Brake repairs and performance checks are just a few of the many services you’ll find at D & R Auto Care LLC.

Computer technology

Improve gas mileage and reduce emissions

The exhaust system is essential for turning harmful fumes into environmentally safe gas. When you hear loud noises from your muffler, it’s more than just an embarrassing noise. It could mean a problem in your exhaust system. Have your system checked out and repaired by the experts here at D & R Auto Care LLC.

Full service exhaust repairs:

• Exhaust pipes

• Muffler

• Catalytic converter

• Oxygen sensors

• Exhaust manifold and gaskets

• Mounts

• Air filters

• Emissions

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The best way to find a problem with today’s technologically advanced vehicles is to perform computer diagnostics. The computer gives us a clear picture of which system is failing and what part to replace.

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all your exhaust

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